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the southern amis projects

Circa 1984 Atari BBS Network

Southern Amis Main Atari BBS:Atascii Only (click connect)

The Only Atari 8bit BBS Hosted on the AWS Cloud

Other Southern Amis Restoration BBS's:

Amis XE: Atascii/Ascii

NiteLite BBS: Atascii/Atari

FoRem XE: Atascii/Atari


About Our Work

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Southern Amis

Running Atari 130XE and Now Atari / Atascii Only for The Best Graphic Experience 

Suggest Connecting with FujiNet, SyncTerm or other native terminal program in Atascii to Port 23

Mac Users: MuffinTerm or  Windows Users:Download SyncTerm Here

Need another BBS to Connect to? or Ascii? Connect to our Other BBS - Amis XE 2.0 - Direct Connect Port 9000 or Dial Up Modem 760-330-26oo using the Modem Pool User ID and Password (lowercase) amis86 and connect as usual in ascii or atascii

If you are unable to connect, this means our Nodes are in use. Try and reconnect in a few minutes...

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BBS Building and Operating
The Original Social Network

I have always been captivated by building networks, either technology, social, or creative. From the '80s and my first commodore VIC-20 to the getting smart and converting to Atari, bigger, faster, and the more connected the better.


We ran southern comfort dial-up bbs on a highly modified fast amis program called southern amis created and improved by a local group of sysops. Machine language was added, online slots, blackjack, and of course plenty of downloads... The author was The Griff and freely shared his upgrades and the platform with our group which included South of the Border, sysop Pedro. We all took down our board around 1988 or so along with the Bandits Hideout as other local boards (New York) were disappearing the same as the rest of the country.. Forem, Amis, BBS Express, Oasis, and a bunch of other platforms, of course, were quickly replaced by the web... Long forgotten but always packed away well, my 8-bit Atari hardware close by, and when the Wi-Modem was created by CBMstuff, I went to work on bringing back some old work... Seems I'm not alone as 14+ boards are now running.Today, I restore, preserve, and run Atari Bulletin Board Systems, supporting  a strong community of enthusiasts. 

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More enthusiast publishing content of the expanding BBS movement

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3D Printing
Image by Markus Spiske
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