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AT_Connect III

Version 3.12  12-15-2023

AT_Telnet was originally developed by Tom Hunt in and around 2000 and BF2K+ took it over about this time. It is a PC-based terminal client for accessing ATASCII BBSs on the internet from your PC. Refreshed by BootFactory BBS Sysop BF2K+ AT_Connect II has been released with new features and functionality.



Connect to Atari internet BBSes in ATASCII mode.

 Use the BBS Editor to maintain your BBS list with all setup options in an INI

compatible text file.

 BBS File holds 255 BBSes (currently)

 ATASCII graphics in 40 or 80 columns.

 Capture your BBS sessions to text files that can be played back in AT_Connect.

 Dump the screen contents to a bitmap file or printer (40 column mode only).

 10 unique Macros for each BBS.  The content of these macros can optionally be

hidden from sight and encrypted in the BBS file.

 Connect on any port.

 Each BBS can have multiple port designations.

 Allows you to save a website for each BBS in the list and shell to your browser to

connect to that website.

 Can filter out unwanted characters (ATASCII code 0) generated by the LANtronix

devices that many current BBS sysops use to connect their Atari machines to the

internet these days.

 Simulate the baud rates of yesterday using the BaudSim mode.

 A 'stay alive' mode keeps you connected to the BBS while operating in BaudSim


 Use a PC-based Text Window Editor (The Box) with full PC editing options for

entering messages or pasting text into a BBS.

 Detect URLs in the data stream and make them available to your favorite

browser via 1-click.

 Use the ATEditor to capture, edit and send macro-like strings of ATASCII

characters... graphics, inverse, control and text.


BootFactory BBS Support: port 8888

Message base dedicated to feedback and user support

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